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   Astrologer  –  Multifunctional Astrological Application
   Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
This allows for the calculation of horoscopes and astrological forecasts directly on a mobile device. There is also the opportunity to view the computerized version of horoscopes on a large screen.

Astrologer is distributed free of charge, but it includes a number of paid options.
In general, the menu looks like follows:
• Daily Forecast (free of charge)
• Monthly Forecast
• Long-term Forecast
• Personal Horoscope
• Talent Horoscope
• Vocation Horoscope
• Dating Horoscope (free of charge)
• Love Horoscope
• Wedding Calendar
• Conception Calendar
• Health Horoscope (free of charge)
• Business Horoscope
• Shopping Calendar
• Natal Horoscope (free of charge)
In addition, the app offers several free options for astrology
connoisseurs: transits, progressions, directions etc.

Installation of the app:
1. Click here and send the link to your email address.
2. On your mobile device, open the received message and click the link.
3. In iTunes, click GET.

 Astrologer for Android

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