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   Astrologer  –  Multifunctional Astrological Application
   Requires Android 4.0 or later, as well as MultiTouch support.
This allows for the calculation of horoscopes and astrological forecasts directly on a mobile device. There is also the opportunity to view the computerized version of horoscopes on a large screen.

Astrologer is distributed free of charge, but it includes a number of paid options.
In general, the menu looks like follows:
• Daily Forecast (free of charge)
• Monthly Forecast
• Long-term Forecast
• Personal Horoscope
• Talent Horoscope
• Vocation Horoscope
• Dating Horoscope (free of charge)
• Love Horoscope
• Wedding Calendar
• Conception Calendar
• Health Horoscope (free of charge)
• Business Horoscope
• Shopping Calendar
• Natal Horoscope (free of charge)
In addition, the app offers several free options for astrology
connoisseurs: transits, progressions, directions etc.

Installation of the app:
1. Click here and send the link to your email address.
2. On your mobile device, open the received message and click the link.
3. If you are prompted to choose a browser, specify Google Play Market.
4. On Google Play Market, click INSTALL.

 Astrologer for iOS
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