The Astrologer web app is designed to generate natal charts and astrology reports directly in your browser. Please enter your birth details here and select the desired service. However, if this is the first time you are doing this, read the User's Guide first.
Please note that some options in the app are not free of charge. In the menu, they are indicated with the $ sign next to them. However, you can view here any charts and reports that you have purchased in our mobile app for no additional charge. And vice versa! You can access in your smartphone any horoscopes you have purchased through the website.
Some horoscopes require the exact time of birth. If the time is inaccurate, you will be prompted to rectify your time of birth as a free service.

    Astrology Web Services Samples  
On this website, you can generate a free astrology forecast for the next two days. Furthermore, in order to assess reliability of predictions, you can enter any date from the past when an important event occurred in a person's life and review the astrological situation.
If you are interested in the more distant future, please order the Monthly Forecast.
The Long-term Astrology Forecast is a schedule of cosmic influences presented as a diagram with generally understandable symbols. The table shows the main trends in human life for the coming years.
For a long-term forecast, you will need to provide the exact time of birth.
Price: USD 3.00
The Personal Portrait is a complete and objective description of the person based on serious research of modern astrological science. The report contains diagrams that shows the range interests of a person, value system, features of character.
For a Personal Portrait, you will need to provide the exact time of birth.
Price: USD 3.00
Are you currently concerned with where you will study, who you will become and how to earn money? The Vocation Report will tell you the profession that will bring you success. The personal diagram will help you find out which occupation you should choose and who you should become, what abilities and opportunities you have and what your calling is.
For a Vocation Report, you will need to provide the exact time of birth. Price: USD 3.00
With any Talent Report purchased from our website, we provide a diagram that graphically shows the user's innate creative abilities. By developing such creative potential, you will be able to succeed in achieving recognition in a related area or industry.
For a Talent Report, you will need to provide the exact time of birth.
Price: USD 3.00
If you are a business person and you would like to use astrological science in your activity, order the personal Business Horoscope. You will get a daily schedule of astrological factors influencing on the business sphere. This will allow you to outline the optimal tactics for development of your business by choosing the most favorable time for solving any issues.
Price for one month: USD 3.00. For any period of the past: free of charge.
Use our Shopping Calendar if you are planning a serious purchase or you just want to shop around during your leisure time. You can choose the most suitable time for your shopping activities using this calendar. The calendar takes into account astrological factors affecting the quality, reliability and durability of the purchased items as well as their functional capabilities.  Price: USD 3.00 for any period.
If you are dating, find out the future of your relationship by requesting a Love Compatibility report. This will help you determine whether you are suitable for each other, indicate the contradictions that should be eliminated, and specify the strengths and weaknesses of your union. You'll have a better idea about what you should do to get along better.
Price: USD 3.00
As the astrological practice shows, the sustainability and durability of the marriage union, well-being, and general mood in a family largely depend on the date and time of the wedding. The planetary situation at the time of marriage registration affects the subsequent course of life. Therefore, if you decide to link your relationship with the bonds of Hymenaeus, use the Wedding Calendar and choose the most suitable date and time for it.  Price: USD 3.00
According to astrologers, the probability of conception, the course of pregnancy, as well as the sex of the future child largely depend on the astrological situation at the time of intimacy. Therefore, if you are thinking about addition to your family, you will find our Conception Calendar, calculated by the method of Dr. Eugen Jonas helpful.
Price: USD 3.00