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Sun in Libra
Your keyword is responsibility - the ability to respond. You are able to find yourself in others, in relationships, rather than alone - a mirror or clear pool. You can be peaceful, calm, and undisturbed. A genius at bringing out others and getting them to do things, you are a born strategist.

Sun in 9th house
You are direct and candid and tend to brush past appearances and settle on the truth within. Ideas - philosophy and religion - are what life is all about. You may travel, counsel, and be a teacher to others.

Moon in Leo
You are gregarious, even to the point of bringing out the performer in others. You somehow always manage to find a creative environment or the creative in any environment. You are great with kids and big on animals, sports, and the outdoors. You are an instant umbrella of warmth, friendship, and self-expression.

Moon in 8th house
Your keen business sense is never sharper than when you are working with or for others - a group, corporation, and so on. You are great at finding excess and rooting it out, and your actions receive support from those around you. Initiating others.

Mercury in Libra
Yours is a reflective mind, a mirror for others. You are equality-minded and easy to talk with - a great mediator or negotiator. You find it easy to accept the ideas and thoughts of others and to hear them out. You are good at relations (politics, diplomacy, sales), not to mention considerate, helpful, and courteous. Calm.

Mercury in 9th house
Your mind and thoughts always gravitate to what is lasting, true, or of the essence. Philosophy and religion are subjects that often occupy you. Your ideas are always to the point and candid, never florid or superficial.

Venus in Leo
Big heart, big love, you are seldom petty. Given to grand gestures and dramatic scenes, you love independence and greatness in all forms and are regal. You can be generous to a fault. Children and animals are high on your list of priorities. Fervently loyal, you are courageous and demonstrative.

Venus in 8th house
You don't care much for the superficial. You appreciate getting past the surface and down to the heart-the bare bones of the matter. This could make you a shrewd and discriminating business person. You value passion in a relationship.

Mars in Virgo
You have an innate urge to save, salvage and conserve, and can make a silk purse from a sow's ear. You always want to help and to be of service - be fully used. You hate waste and are thorough and precise. For the most part, you are understanding and accepting, but this can turn into criticism and pettiness. You are careful and a perfectionist.

Mars in 8th house
Not content with appearances, you are driven to reduce everything to the bare essentials. This compelling urge for integrity and contempt for the superficial may offend some.

Jupiter in Virgo
A service career is a perfect choice, for you want very much to be of use, to be used up. You have a fantastic appetite for detail work, and can take it all in and still look for more. Willing and able to respond to almost any emergency, you are responsible and always ready.

Jupiter in 8th house
Your life path involves cutting through appearances and superficialities and laying bare the reality of a situation. This could mean that the business world is an open book for you - easy to read. Any career where you get through to what really is there.

Saturn in Sagittarius
There could be difficulty with long-term goals and philosophies. You don't trust them. Nearsighted, with your nose to the grindstone, you need to travel and explore the length and breadth of the mind and world. Open up. Learn to value freedom, frankness, independence. Look up!

Saturn in 11th house
You work hard to make your dreams and ideals a reality. You work hard at community or group work. You spare no effort here. Humanitarian goals are central to your life's work.

Uranus in Aries
You are innovative when it comes to leadership, new starts, pioneer-type projects. You have bold and startling insights and tend to break away from tradition. You find freedom in sports, exploration, impulse-buying, and getting out. A standard bearer. You have insights into energy and action.

Uranus in 3rd house
You have real insight when it comes to anything connected to research, study, and the world of ideas. Your independent mental approach to problem-solving and communication finds you coming up with connections that are new and different.

Neptune in Pisces
The spiritual is seen as the ideal. Intuition, the occult, religion, and all things mystical are desired. Also music, fantasy, and all of the arts. The psyche, psychology, feelings. Also drugs, dreams, and far-out trips. Out-of-the-body. Trance.

Neptune in 2nd house
You are idealistic when it comes to possessions, finance, and how you choose to make your living. Your response to what life offers is always elevated, although not always practical, leading to possible disappointment.

Pluto in Capricorn
Tremendous practical sense and drive cut through all the red tape and exposes the right decisions every time. You may have an ability to organize and manage all that is vulnerable and sensitive in the human psyche... the public mind.

Pluto in 1st house
You are out-front and candid, probably not known for your great sense of diplomacy or tact. Your intensity and passionate approach to life are obvious to all who meet you. You are driven to penetrate the superficial and get at the essential.

Sagittarius Ascendant
A Sagittarius Ascendant endows you with optimism, enthusiasm for life, good humour and tolerance for others. You have an honourable, open-minded, generous, kind, sympathetic, truthful and just disposition. With a sound sense of dignity you ensure neatness, orderliness and precision both in person and surroundings. You do not tolerate any breach of etiquette and insist on correctness for any social occasion. You have a versatile mind with the natural ability for higher learning - particularly in subjects such as philosophy, sociology, religion, theology or law. You are a lover of freedom and independence; restless for activity - out-door sports, exercises and travel are important to your well-being. On occasion, you can be somewhat impulsive, fiery and a little harsh and abrupt with people, but usually only when offended. Qualities lacking to some degree, which may be found in your partner are versatility of mind and a non-conformist/non-dogmatic approach to life.

2nd House Cusp in Aquarius
You make your money in original and unusual ways through groups and organizations. You are often associated with corporate enterprises, achieving financial success by producing the most costly innovations and the most ingenious techniques in your fields.

3rd House Cusp in Pisces
This position creates persons who are surprisingly cryptic and highly emotional in your thoughts and communication. Very often your ideas are based upon intuitive insights. You organize your plans and ideas secretly. You also like to be alone when doing mental work.

Aries Nadir
You are aggressive in matters relating to home and family. The home is sometimes a battlefield for emotional spats. It is generally filled with mechanical devices and implements.

5th House Cusp in Taurus
You are sensual and romantic in the affairs of the heart. You are consistent in your love and affection toward your children. You invest a great deal of pride in them, especially if the children's accomplishments result in higher status for you. You want your children to have the good things of life. You gain pleasure from luxurious surroundings and good food. You appreciate art, sculpture, and music.

6th House Cusp in Gemini
You are versatile and ingenious in organizing your work and can handle several jobs at once. Your fraternal attitude toward co-workers and employees is one of the secrets of your management ability. You have numerous ideas on how to increase efficiency.

Gemini Descendant
Frequently, there is more than one marriage or partnership, since you often have your eyes on greener fields. Even though you are primarily loners, you attract people who are intelligent and versatile, and who can aid them in practical ways. You are astute and intelligent in public relations. However, you often prefer that your Partners represent them and your ideas.

8th House Cusp in Leo
Since you have Leo, the sign ruled by the Sun, on the Eighth House, you live a long time. (The Sun is the giver of life and it staves off death.) Even if you are generous, you like to control joint resources. You like to control the dispensing of the goods of the dead too.

9th House Cusp in Virgo
Your philosophy is based upon efficiency and hard work. You have practical ideas that can be utilized within the existing social structure. Any philosophy you respect must be consistent in every detail. Your awareness of detail and your capacity to do research contribute to your fine legal mind.

Libra Midheaven
This placing indicates that your career or area of responsibility in the world relates in some way to social relationships, partnerships and correct public dealings. Marriage is an important factor and it is likely that your partner possesses wealth, property or status. Life experience will force you to learn valuable lessons related to the development of social awareness and a strong sense of responsibility in relationships. You must come to realise that co-operation, justice and mutual agreement are necessary for stable, enduring friendships and partnerships. Receptiveness, tact, reliability and good organising skills could bring wealth and social standing. Your profession could be in law, diplomacy, business organisation, public relations work, counselling or management positions relating to contractual affairs. You have a strong sense of justice and could make an excellent lawyer or judge. You will do best in a partnership situation.

11th House Cusp in Scorpio
You tend to surround themselves with dynamic, aggressive, and powerful friends, who can handle many of the difficult jobs you are too reserved to tackle. You have your private source of agents to carry out your purposes or wishes. You hardly choose weak individuals as friends.

12th House Cusp in Sagittarius
When you are alone, and removed from the business world, you are philosophically oriented. Your philosophy of life is the hidden support guiding and inspiring your thinking. Your undoing may come as a result of lofty aspirations which you are unable to fulfill in your present circumstances.

Sun Semisquare Venus
Your cravings get you in trouble now and again. You appreciate things that are not always in your own best interest. Your ambition and drive to grow and progress may sometimes be at the expense of your value system, your sense of beauty, and the like.

Sun Sextile Moon
A special affinity for old people and for children, plus an innate love of animals, the helpless, and the underdog. An inner vision coupled with the ability to see the "Big" picture often finds you working as a go-between with others.

Sun Square Pluto
Any attempt to avoid confronting life at the personal level is bound to frustration. Your avowed goals and ambitions may tend to ignore questions of vulnerability and great sensitivity, and the two are forever about to meet and "tell all." You would rather skirt your sensitive and vulnerable areas and concentrate on your career, but they always intrude and refuse to be banished. Although you yourself like to avoid personal issues, your interest in probing the secrets of others is very energetic.

Sun Opposed Uranus
Your own partiality for routine and the traditional may result in your feeling challenged by anything new or different. You could find yourself struggling against change and progress, clinging onto the status quo. Although a conformist, you may surround yourself with partners and friends who are themselves unconventional and offbeat. There is a love/hate relationship here with all that is bohemian.

Mercury Sextile Saturn
A real problem-solver, the more tedious the better. Able to reduce any subject matter to the bare bones. Heavy-duty thinker. Could be very serious or philosophical. Enjoy study and thought. Very methodical and practical in approach.

Venus Square Saturn
You have trouble accepting responsibilities. You don't like them. You would rather enjoy yourself at the expense of any obligations, letting them accumulate as they will. This struggle with authority and simple duty makes for great tension and diminished good times. It is hard to have fun when you are ignoring your responsibilities. What we have here is a stalemate.

Venus Sesquiquadrate Pluto
You may not appreciate displays of emotion or psychological analyzing and probing. This could become kind of a thing with you, trying to avoid sensitive issues that keep coming up all around you. You are fascinated by this stuff, not to mention gossip.

Mars Conjunct Jupiter
You are driven when it comes to fulfilling your ambitions and carving out a career. There is no lack of energy or drive here, and nothing can stand in your way. Everything is poured into making the right moves, the correct decisions. You are outgoing, enthusiastic, and always diplomatic - everybody's favorite. You have a natural instinct for making the correct move at the right time. Politics or some public career seem inevitable.

Mars Opposed Neptune
You are not known for your romantic nature, and more than likely you go out of your way to avoid whatever you feel might be dreamy and unrealistic. You may fear that you could get carried away emotionally, even be deceived, if you let up your guard and permit your dreams to take over. Your basic drive pits you against anything that smacks of metaphysics and other-worldliness. You aren't afraid to stand up and say so, either. There is something of the siren, some allurement to all of this, as if your dreams and ideals keep calling you. This is a struggle.

Jupiter Trine Pluto
Mass psychology (what motivates people) is something you understand. Your career may well be in managing or working with people within a psychological context. You would make a good teacher in these areas too. Counseling or helping people who are in crisis or working out sensitive issues are careers where you could excel. You have a way of sifting through the garbage and coming up with whatever is meaningful or relevant.

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