I Ching Divination
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I Ching Divination
The I Ching, also known as the Classic of Changes, Book of Changes, Zhouyi and Yijing,
is one of the oldest of the Chinese classic texts. The book contains a divination system
comparable to Western geomancy or the West African Ifa system; in Western cultures
and modern East Asia, it is still widely used for this purpose.
The session starts from formulation in your own mind the question that occupies you at
the given moment more than others. Then, one by one you "cast" three coins: click the
corresponding button with the interval in 2–3 seconds. You need to do this six times to
have six lines and make a hexagram (i.e. you need to click the button 18 times in total).
If you get "heads" two or three times in a row, a continuous line will appear. If you get
"tails" two or three times in a row, a dashed line will appear. The lines are located one
over another, starting from the bottom. After the hexagram is made, its interpretation appears.

The following rules are recommended to follow in work with I Ching:
Don't start the session till the web page has downloaded completely.
Do not ask the same question twice, even if you are not satisfied with the answer or it seems too gloomy.
During one session try to ask only one question.
If you receive a hexagram with unfavorable interpretation, do not get upset under any circumstances. Take into account the recommendations provided in the text.
Don't forget to pause 2–3 seconds between "casting coins". This is necessary to observe the principle of chance.